3rd Staines scouts enjoying a farewell dinner

Enjoying a farewell meal on their last day.

3rd Staines Scouts standing outside Kandersteg

Group photo of 3rd Staines Scouts outside Kandersteg on their last day.

Today was the groups last day with us in Adelboden. We fully spent the day in style.

We started early on a bus to Kanderstag and due to the weather turned the day on its head and started our adventure up Oeschinensee. We headed up the cable car which was a beautiful and much shorter ride up than the previous days. As we got to the top the group headed straight to the Mountain Coaster. The Coaster was so fast and the scouts and leaders, loved racing down it. The views were incredible all around and looking at the while racing down the coaster was even better!

The leaders had the last go and raced down super-fast. The group then headed down to the lake for look around some braved a paddle in the glacier waters. Sadly, they didn’t quite make it down before the down pour of rain but this didn’t dampen their spirts as we headed to KISC for a wonderful tour with Kate. She told the group about the history of the old chalet and how Baden-Powell found it when searching for an International Scout Base. She also explained about the map in the campsite showing the flag of every nationality that is on the camp at that time. The scouts were fantastic and naming where each flag was from.

We got to the flag poles and the group presented lots of awards including Gold and Platinum Chief Scout Awards and lots of Wood Badges for the leaders. They were even lovely enough to present me as an honorary scout of their group with their trip necker and badge. It was really lovely of them!

The scouts then had free time to meet other scouts and swap badges! One of the best finds was a clog woggle! After a wonder around Kanderstag the group headed back to Adelboden to pack and get ready for Swiss night. It was a hilly walk there so everyone really earned their food. The hotel brought out cheese fondue’s, bread for dipping, chips and salad. It was delicious. After dinner a traditional Swiss duo played the Swiss horns which really echoed through the room and you could tell how the sound would travel in the mountains. The band even let the group have a go at playing the instruments which was extremely fun to get involved in and watch.

Dessert was a fruit salad with Pineapple, Berries and Melon. The group did some more awards and the headed back to the chalet. We walked a lovely way back and could see all of the lights from the town which was beautiful. Thankfully the weather held off. The group had a super early morning to catch their coach home but it was a great way to finish of the trip with good food and good fun!
A huge thank you to the group for really embracing all of the activities and bringing fun and energy to the week! It has been great spending the week with you and we hope to see you again with us soon!