A group of ladies headed off to Las Mañanitas, a beautiful restaurant where you eat surrounded by peacocks, flamingos and more!

Jane tells us all about the peacock paradise evening meal…

This afternoon, 19 of us set off in a fleet in taxis to Les Mañanitas hotel and restaurant in Cuernavaca. This was one of first trips without any of the Our Cabana staff and our Spanish was somewhat tested…

We arrived at 2pm and we were quickly absorbed into the fantastic ambience as we were shown to our shaded outdoor table. The sweeping gardens were beautifully green with flowers and trees everywhere, and full of beautiful birds of paradise and the sound of waterfalls.

Peacocks were moving around the garden and as we were ready to take a photograph, they opened their wings in spectacular fashion – right on cue! I was very proud of a photo I took – it is probably the best photo I have ever taken in my life! We settled down to enjoy our delicious main meals, washed down with fresh lemonade. Before our next course, a (very) pink flamingo started strutting around the garden, providing more photo opportunities for us and elongating our mealtime further, not that we minded too much as the mariachi’s then started playing and serenading us. Much entertainment followed as the luminous pink flamingo became the fourth member of the band, standing between the musicians, moving its head and screeching in time to the music. The large puddings then followed, with the ladies who chose the chocolate bomb slice soon finding it was big enough for several of them and potentially the miriachi band.


The meal was most enjoyable, delicious, with excellent service and entertainment second to none. It was a very memorable way to enjoy our last meal together and each other’s company.

Several of us then taxied into Cuernavaca for last minute shopping opportunities and others returned to Our Cabana to chill by the pool.

Over to Joyce to tell us all about her experience of the last few days at Our Cabana…

After a very enjoyable active week, from the metropolis of Mexico City to the Pyramids and the stunning beauty of the Butterfly Sanctuary, not forgetting all the wonderful programme activities planned by the superb team of Our Cabana staff, it was now time to wind down a little.

On our last free day, the group chose various activities, including the usual last minute shopping visit to Cuernavaca, a visit to the Robert Braden museum and chilling around the pool and beautiful grounds of our World Home. I chose to go to the very conveniently located Hotel Spa situated right next door to Our Cabana. The lovely Louise worked her magic on over-used muscles, carrying out a full head to toe massage in the luxurious surroundings of the Spa. I came away feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready for the long homeward journey back to Heathrow where our Venture Abroad group would disperse to various parts of the UK plus Guernsey and Jersey. Oh well, ready to plan the next trip. With my thanks to Bethany, our tour guide, who coped with the varying needs of our very diverse group.