Our 3 groups here in the sunny Kandersteg; Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Coombs Wood and Medway Town Scouts have had a fantastic start to their week! The weather so far has been the best you can hope for whilst the groups have been out and about hiking through the mountains and cruising down rivers. The Medway town scouts enjoyed a 2 ½ hour gentle rafting trip down the river Aare, pretty much everyone had a good swim to help keep cool.


Later that day the group explored Bern and we visited the bear pits. The hot weather meant that people were ‘Bern’ing up, and the temperature was almost un’bear’able… Sorry haha.


The next day Brightwell and Coombs Wood scouts both visited the high ropes in Interlaken. A challenging experience for some, but everyone did very well climbing across various bridges and flying down zip lines.


Plenty more adventures heading this way, keep an eye open!