Littlehampton and Arundel’s week in Switzerland is sadly drawing to a close, but what an experience they’ve had so far!

Their trip started off on a high (literally) for the group, with half splitting off to do the typically Swiss, exhilarating Trotti biking, which offers a fun and fast-paced way to enjoy all the scenery on offer here, and the other half of the group took the cable car up to Tschentenalp for coffee and cake with a view!

On Monday the group took on the Jungfrau and took their time wandering around the Ice Palace, snapping photos of the gorgeous glacier and generally chilling out (again, literally!) Tuesday saw the group make a visit to Holzschnitzerei Trummer, and on Wednesday they took a day trip to the buzzing capital of Bern to do some sight-seeing!

Today the group are heading for their much-anticipated trip to Our Chalet, and luckily they have beautiful weather for it!