Day 2 of our tour of Malta – although technically we have not been in Malta today, but on the neighbouring island of Gozo!

Our day started with a short journey of 25 mins on the ferry to Gozo. The weather was fine, and the sea was calm, so it was a pleasant journey and we were able to view the small island of Comino. Soon Gozo loomed into view and we disembarked at Mgarr, which means welcome.
We started with a visit to the oldest landmark – the Neolithic temples at Ggantija. These temples are said to be older than the Pyramids at Giza, and so are fascinating to visit. We also got to see the small models of humans, mostly women, which were found at the temples. Unfortunately our journey had to be cut short, as the heavens opened on us – it’s a good thing that we didn’t come to Malta for the weather!
By good fortune, the weather had settled by the time that we arrived at our next destination – Dwerja, home of the Gozo Blue Grotto and the Azure Window. What a sight! We hopped on another boat (boats feature a lot today!) which allowed us to get up close to the caves, the water and the coral underneath. The pictures probably do the most talking here… though they cannot show the deep inky blue of the water. It’s like a colour which I had never seen before.
We then headed to the craft village, where we took the opportunity to stoke up on some Christmas presents, including some lovely lace products and local food. One of the favourites was the local liqueur, made from prickly pear – I’m told it was delicious! After all that tasting, it was time for some food, so we headed to a restaurant and enjoyed a lovely lunch of soup, chicken and ice cream.
Fuelled up after lunch, we headed into the narrow streets of the capital Victoria, also known as Rabat. Here we learnt about the influence of the church on this small town, as well as visiting St George’s Basilica. It is an amazing site, all covered with marble.
This left us quite tired, so it was time to head back to the ferry and the mainland of Malta. Just as we arrived back at the hotel, it started pouring down again, so it’s now a lot cooler here. We are off to the Limestone heritage park tomorrow, so fingers crossed for good weather.