What a week! I never doubted that Pentland district Scouts would have a fantastic time but they literally didn’t stop the whole week and I’m sure they managed to meet everyone on the whole site while playing volleyball and football where the teams were comprised of people from all corners of the earth!

On Tuesday one of the Scottish groups organised a Scottish night which involved lots of haggis and irn-bru. The main spectacle however was the dancing which was enjoyed by hundreds of people and seemed to get more crazy and loud as the night went on.

The activities towards the end of the week were greatly enjoyed by all the scouts. More chocolate was bought at the chocolate factory and apparently some of the scouts managed to eat more than 30 chocolates in succession… quite impressive. The other popular activity was the day trip to Interlaken where both groups that went had perfect weather and although there are 2 lakes and a mountain railway, the main attraction were Swiss army knives and McDonald’s burgers.
The International Campfire which takes place every Friday night was a huge success with all the groups from around the world performing their own songs in a variety of languages. Pentlands Scout Leaders sang ‘let me see your boogaloo’ which it turns out is a very catchy song and managed to get the few hundred people in the audience involved!