31st July 2013

From Grace & Megan, 1st Hopwas Guides

Brugge (Grace’s Birthday Blog!)

Bruges - Outside the ChocoStory


Chairs tucked in, glasses full of water and dinner waiting to get under way… much deserved after a long but utterly fantastic day out with Guides at Brugge, Belgium. The day started with an early morning breakfast, which resulted in us having our bellies full to the brim with food, but I suppose that was a good thing, seeing as we did so much walking, our legs nearly dropped off! The first journey we made was by coach for 2 hours (!) to Brugge. We then walked to find the canal cruise, however we were an hour early so we got some extra free time. This meant we could look round shops picking up “tacky magnets” till our hearts content! However there were some really lovely shops, but they tended to have some very wallet munching price tags on their products! When we got on the boat, we were not sure what to expect but it more than lived up to ALL the girls expectations. We found out numerous facts about the Brugge canal, such as: the canal is fresh water and is 3m deep and 49 bridges, 17 churches and 420 bars! After our canal cruise, we had some more free time… so guess what came next, more shopping; not long after we sat down to have our lunch. After we had refueled, we set off the to Choco-Story (a chocolate museum) and as soon as we arrived, we set off on a historical adventure to find out about the history of chocolate and how it is made. Did you know? Chocolate dates back to 2000 B.C! Afterwards we got to try the chocolate for ourselves via the demo session. It tasted lovely but we had to get back to the coach in time for dinner. Most of the girls said that they were sad to leave Brugge and some even commented that they wanted to live there one day. Later on in the evening, we all took part in the groupie led ‘Mini Olympics’, which was extremely fun and whacky. The girls really enjoyed themselves and got to bed so we could get up for another action-packed day!

Au revoir, Grace and Megan!

Bruges - Grace on the CanalBruges - Sleeping BeautyBruges - Outside the ChocoStory


31st July 2013

From Elif,  1st Chapel Guides

Bruges - Flowers on the Canal

Bruges - 3 Country Clogs

Bruges - The Devil


A gentle waft of a refreshing sea breeze, Edwardian buildings towering over me, a seemingly endless maze of cobbled pathways – it’s official I’ve arrived in Brugge.

5 hours later, and I’m up to my ears in Belgian tapestry, I’ve eaten more dark chocolate than humanely possible, and my fingers ache from pressing the camera shutter 1000 times a minute. Typical tourist. But how did it all happen?

1st stop, a 30 minute canal tour, with scenery so beautiful I was almost blinded. All the houses were so quaint, the people so friendly… it was all a bit surreal. Our commentator was hilarious, and his use of sarcasm put us all to shame. He humoured us with stories of buildings painted in tourist’s blood, and pointed with pride at the statues of naked women that “made the whole tour worthwhile”. As you can probably imagine, he was tipped generously.

We also visited a museum called “Choco story”, famed for it’s 100% Belgium chocolate. It was torturous; shelf upon shelf of chocolate stored away, completely out of reach, leaving us salivating on the side-lines, with our sweaty hands pressed desperately against the glass cases. Luckily for us, there was a shop full of reasonably priced choc waiting for us at the end of the tour.