St Omer Town Trail

Le Chateau – Day 2: St Omer & Boulogne
Tuesday 30th July 2013
By Emily, Kenyah, Grace & Emma – 255th Birmingham & 5th Codsall Guides

St Omer Town Trail
After a yummy breakfast, we all set of on our way to St. Omer. Whilst there, we went on a town trail which gave us an insight on the culture in St. Omar, after the trail nearly all the guides got an ice cream. The town trail was set out on a question sheet.  It started out as a sunny day but no longer than an hour later it was pouring with rain and we had to pull out our waterproofs and umbrellas whilst running to the coach.

LC 2013 07 30 - Nausicaa Sea Lions

Sea Life Centre
We went to Nausicaa, in Boulogne Sur La Mer.  It is the largest sea life centre in Europe and there were more than 6000 people there today! It was very busy – too busy!  But we managed to see the sealion show and watch them clean their teeth, stand on flippy flipper tippy toes. We could see the beach whilst we were watching the sealions.  We got to touch some ray fish; there were slimy on the bottom and bumpy on the top but very cute. We could not touch their tails.  We also saw the Penguins at feeding time. It smelt of fish.  We all went to the gift shop and bought fishy things; postcards, bracelets, key rings, baby penguins, lizards and lots more.


Nausicaa Sea Lion Statue

Not going to the Beach
The weather was too bad and so we decided not to go to the beach; it was raining too hard!  We were hoping it would be a good day but it turned out to be horrible and so we went back to the coach and to Le Chateau.

… & having Crepes instead
After dinner, we chilled for a while and then it was time to make crepes.  They were mmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm-mmmmm … really nice! We had sugar, jam and orange juice toppings.  They were easy to make and we wanted more!

Camp Fire
We learned three new songs at Campfire (it was an indoor singalong with no fire because it was still raining – noooooo!) They were all fun and full of actions, very energetic.

A great day :o)

St Omer Fountain

St Omer Ice Cream

Le Chateau Camp Fire