On the Ferry

Bonjour and hello from Le Chateau! To start with, our journey to Le Chateau d’Ebblinghem began with a coach journey which was very calm and hassle free. The coach driver was very helpful and gave us relevant and important information in a humorous way and he made sure that we had a safe journey to the ferry and the chateau.

Imaani's Birthday Cake

During our time on the ferry (see photo*) we mostly spent the journey on the top deck looking out with the seagull that followed us from Dover. When we finally docked in Calais we found that we left the bad weather behind us. Once we had arrived at Le Chateau d’Ebblinghem we were welcomed by the “Groupies” who told us all about what was planned to do throughout the week and what was around us.

Our Adventure ChainWe were given time to unpack until we were called to dinner. The dinner was a variety of choices from three main courses. We also celebrated one of our guides birthday with a cake (see photo*) which we then shared between everyone. After this we had an opening ceremony which involved a lot of working together and creating one big multi-coloured chain (see photo*) which we discussed as a group.

This was followed by a game of Rounders with everyone which was then followed by free time for the rest of the evening. This was the start of our French adventure!

Emily & Gemma – 1st Wolverton Guides