Well today saw the groups last day out in Holland! What better way to spend it then canoeing up the river, in the glorious sunshine, taking in the sites of Amersfoort! The group split up into two sections one half taking on the canoeing, whilst the other half battled through DierenPark Zoo.

Canoeing was of course very tiring as the hot sun beat down on us from above. The girls of course took to splashing each other within minutes of hitting the water. Up the river we paddled through the park, many of the girls taking half the greenery with them as they went. Capsizing each others canoes was next on the girls list, although the first group managed to stay relatively dry, the second group wasn’t so successful. At least it cooled them down though.

The group enjoyed their time in the zoo, looking at all the different animals. They took lots of pictures and some, even had fun on the slides. They had a great time spending their last day in Amersfoort.

Once the group had dried out it was time to hit the train station for the last time. It’s safe to say that the group, given the weather at the start of their journey, have had an amazing time out in Holland. They have made lots of memories whilst here that they will keep forever. Of course don’t forget the souvenirs that they have bought throughout their journey.