A manic Saturday saw the 2 groups from last week leave KISC until they come back in 4 years after having an action packed fantastic week.

4 lively new groups have arrived, all with a week planned full of activities to keep them busy, hopefully during the August sunshine! Wednesday is August 1st, Swiss National day, and is very highly celebrated all over Switzerland. Combined with being the anniversary of the beginning of scouting, it makes for a fantastic day at KISC with a crazy atmosphere as 1500 people have breakfast and a BBQ together, the carnival in the afternoon and the fire lit parade and fireworks in the evening. The staff always celebrate in fancy dress which I’m sure there’ll be plenty of photos of, I can’t wait already!

Already some of the scouts have been swimming in alpine lakes, some fully clothed and others have been almost getting head butted by cows while trying to make friends with them! They’ve also been scaring themselves silly on the rodelbahn and have been attempting not to fall in whilst rowing. Others have been staying up at the KISC Ueschinenhut overnight taking in the stunning views of the high-alpine valley.

It’s fair to say everyone here in Kandersteg is looking forward to the week ahead!!