The craziness has shown no chance of waning here at Kandersteg as 138th Glasgow have continued their activities over the past two days.

Wednesday saw the scouts and explorers take on hikes around the local area which even though they were challenging the scouts really enjoyed. This was followed the wet ‘n’ wild which due to the rain we were the only group to turn up for it. This meant that they got more chances to have a go at the activities such as slack lining across the pool, water volleyball and diving off the 3m board!

That night saw the weekly international scout disco where Glasgow scouts stole the show. All the leaders went in kilts meaning they stood out quite a lot! The range of dance moves (if they were dance moves?) on show was unreal and of course it wouldn’t be a disco without a few of the lads meeting girls situations!

The late night was followed by an early start with the group heading to Trummelbach to see the stunning waterfalls the power of which is incredible. The afternoon was spent at Interlaken where they experienced the delights of the city including going bowling and a visit to the Chocolatier.

Today is the groups last day before they go home on Saturday and it truly has been a delight to spend the week with them!