Day 1
Journey to Switzerland

Hi everyone! We have finally reached our destination of Adelboden after a long long long coach journey through England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and finally Switzerland. After setting off from Kidderminster yesterday morning we embarked on our journey down to Dover and even after encountering traffic, and then also ferry delays caused by the striking French, we boarded the ferry more than ready for our dinner. Even though the seas were particularly choppy we enjoyed a hot meal and pudding during our short crossing to Calais. After re-boarding the coach, the extra seats revealed themselves as a blessing enabling us to catch a few (almost) comfortable hours of sleep. Whilst we napped our coach wound its way down towards Switzerland; at the border we travelled through a half glass tunnel that presented us with views of a beautiful Swiss city and river

At around 8am this morning we reached our breakfast stop at a Swiss hotel. The continental breakfast was accepted with open arms (especially the nutella!) and also greatly appreciated was the use of a proper toilet! About an hour after breakfast we ascended into the snow-capped mountains; finally we were greeted with most beautiful site of brown wooden chalets climbing up the grass hill with the most stunning of back drops. We walked to our chalet tucked in the corner of the grassy hill, desperate to find our beds. After a light, but warming lunch we unpacked, showered and caught up with some well deserved sleep before being rewarded with Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner with ice cream and fruit for desert. Now that the evening has come some of us have decided to go down to the town of Adelboden to watch a Folk music festival, whilst some of us still need a little more sleep! We all excitedly wait in anticipation for what the rest of our trip has to offer.

Lucy F and the rest of Kidderminster and Droitwich Rangers 🙂

The view from our chalet…

Photo Credit- Lucy Fellows
Photo Credit- Lucy F