What Is it like to be a rep?

VA Summer Rep Katie Knutton

First job is to work out what to pack in your bag for 6 weeks away in the mountains? Will it be hot, cold, dry, wet?

Answer is yes! Is my bag too heavy….. always!

Once arriving in Switzerland you are immediately blown away by the stunning scenery which appears like a backdrop surrounding you. Never before has a train journey been so beautiful!

After you’ve got your breath back it’s time to settle into your new home for the next 6 weeks and go out for an explore (and maybe a trip to the local bakery for a treat!)

After figuring the local transport (and taking lots of pictures of bus timetables) it’s time to meet the locals that will be supporting you and your groups for the summer. So friendly and desperate to help it’s an easy task!

Next is to check out the stunning traditional Siwss Chalets that will house the memories of an unimaginable summer (and to work out if you’ll ever be able to afford one and move out here permanently…..)

My favourite job is to check out the swimming pool and of course test it for the groups to come…. I can promise you after testing it several times its perfect!
Once this is done in the local area it’s time to get a snapshot visit to all the amazing local beauties (there’s never enough time for this, which is lucky as it means you have to visit again and again!)

Finally (after checking out the swimming pool one more time and a quick trip to coop for a treat) it’s time to welcome your group for what you already know is going to be an unforgettable trip to the stunning Swiss Mountains.

After 8 years of visiting Switzerland meeting many many guide, scout, boys brigade and more groups I will never bore of doing this or having a new experience each time.

Meet me in the mountain!