What a first day! Glasgow scouts have got to be one of the most energetic and most chirpy groups of scouts and leaders I’ve ever met.

After settling in very quickly and lots of extremely random questions from the scouts, the group headed down into Kandersteg village for some swimming pool fun. This included the 3 metre diving board, which everyone got involved in doing dives, flips and somersaults off and many laughs at other peoples misfortune or pain!

The evening saw the group head to the sports pitches for a truly multinational sporting event. Volleyball kicked us off with a tournament within the group in the midst of some more thrilling dives and some dubious refereeing. This was followed by a Scotland versus Spain football match with a cracking comeback and some rugby style play from the Scottish lads. Some Ultimate Frisbee finally wore everyone out and rounded off a very enjoyable first day!

The action packed week ahead includes high ropes courses, rafting on the Lotschine and Simme rivers, canyoning and a trip to Interlaken and the waterfalls of Trummelbach!

Quote of the Day: One of the young scouts asking “Will there be babes at the pool party on Wednesday?”