Frome valley division reached the top, just in time to catch the view before the rain set in and then less than 12 hours since I left I am at the Jungfraujoch once more, this time as assistant to the 1st Killbride guides.

A 7am bus to reach the top before midday makes this a long day, especially as we shall not see our beds this evening until 7.30pm.

The girls are understandably tired but the snowy top promises them fun of an icy kind they would not normally experience in August!

A view over Europe from the viewing platform “the sphinx”, picnic lunch out on the snow, a wander through the alpine exhibition (which explains how the railway was built) and a marvel at the cavernous palace of ice, and then it’s time to descend once again. We collect our group train reservations posted in the carriage windows for souvenirs on the way down (possibly the only time I’ll see my name in print!) And a few of us snooze as we dream of dinner and bed.

A special mention of the Killbride Guides, most of whom ascended in shorts!! When up on the spinx a Gentleman commented to one of them “Wow shorts! What are you Swiss? Are you German?” To which the reply came “NO I’m freezing!”