It was another early start for us but we were all excited to be headed up the Jungfrau. The journey was long and we had to change trans 6 times, but it was fun searching for our reserved sign at each new train and making friendship bracelets on the way.

At Kleine Sheidegg, we waved goodbye to three members of our group who were off on a gentle downhill walk. The rest of us climbed aboard the final train that would take us up to the top of Europe! The final ascent was steep but as we made the 2 stops on the way up, we were met by amazingly picturesque views. It wasn’t long before we reached the top of the railway. We were all feeling a little lightheaded because of the altitude but were keen to explore.

We headed out into the snow where Rhian and Aley made their Senior Section promise. It was a true mountain top moment!


Next, we headed to the ice palace. Here we slipped and skated our way around, admiring the beautiful sculptures and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful caverns. We took loads of photos here – it is such a unique place and we did have a couple of Bambi moments between us!

We also took the time to end the snow, admire the views and travel up the the Sphinx viewing platform which offered the most amazing panorama across the mountains. Our photos just didn’t do it justice.


All too soon it was time to head back down the mountain, but not before we met up with another Guide group waiting for the train. We passed the time by singing songs (all 60+ of us). It was truly and amazing day, a real once in a lifetime experience!