Glasgow 1

Welcome to Glasgow and the 2013 Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting!

The Venture Abroad team arrived in Glasgow at about 5pm yesterday after a smooth drive up from the Midlands. We stopped for lunch in the Lake District – we couldn’t resist a picnic in the sun! Last night we all stayed at the Campanile Hotel so that we could do one final check of the proceedings for the weekend and ensure that our team of representatives are fully prepared for the arrival of over 400 Trefoil Guild members.

What happens today? Well, this morning we will all head over to our respective hotels to ensure that everything is in order and then we wait to meet and greet our friends for the weekend.

The good news…the sun is shining here in Glasgow and it is set to stay for the rest of the weekend.

Here’s to an enjoyable weekend for all and watch this space (and our Twitter page) for further updates.