26.07.2011 engstligenalp walk 3

Those that know me (or have read my bio) would say that I am passionate about two things. The first is people – meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, languages etc. (all the things you are supposed to say on your CV!) The second (but just as important despite the lack of CV space) is cheese.

Imagine my delight then, when the Staffordshire Guides and I set off on a cool Adelboden morning to visit real life cheese maker, Marta, and give her a hand producing her yummy cheese!

The following recipe you can follow yourself:

Step 1.

Take several excited guides and one almost delirious leader and place on a bus to the bottom of a dramatic Engstligenalp.

Step 2.

Ascend mountain in cable car whilst admiring views of powerful waterfall, goats, cows and couples down below arguing about “whose idea was it to walk up this mountain and not take the cable car”.

Step 3.

Go past the bell ringing cows and turn right after the reindeer.

Step 4.

Admire pigs necessary for the cheese making process, as they drink the “cheesemilk” (a by-product which gives the pork a distinctive flavour).

Step 5.

Greet a smiley, friendly cheese maker and be welcomed into her home.

Step 6.

Light the fire under the cauldron and heat the milk, then remove the cheese and press in the giant cheese press.

Step 7.

Taste the cheese (repeat this step until satiated!).

Optional Step 8.

Purchase as much cheese as you can carry and take it back to the chalet, being sure to label it, as you would not wish your cheese to “mysteriously disappear”!

The Staffordshire Guides successfully completed all of the above steps with gusto and even found time to visit the woodcarver’s in the afternoon! A large piece of lemon cake at Café Blatti next door to the woodcarver’s and then back home to the cupboard full of cheese… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.