Welford Scouts joined forces with two Dutch scout groups yesterday for the International Goose Game! The game involved moving around a map of Europe and taking part in fun activities on the way! It’s difficult to explain these activities in words, so here are some photos:

Charlie getting soaked

The Buitenzorg Alps

Meanwhile, Leagrave Scouts spent their day in Amsterdam! After exploring the city for souvenirs, the scouts went on a beautiful canal cruise, where they got to learn about the city and its history. The group really enjoyed their day in the Dutch capital, but definitely needed some time to rest their feet afterwards!

Our groups are spending most of their time today on the site: Leagrave showing off their marksmanship on the archery range and Welford having fun with group ball games! Welford have also been canoeing in Amersfoort!

I hope everybody is well back home in England and I will keep you updated on all goings-on in Buitenzorg, the Netherlands!