The Sittingbourne Scouts

Day two in my Swiss adventure began with me opening my curtains to brilliant blue skies and glorious sunshine! My heart further lifted when I remembered what I was going to be doing today. After breakfast, I joined the Sittingbourne Scouts on their walk to the cable car. This would take us up the mountain, where we would first take part in tobogganing, then a hike along to the spectacular lake, followed by a relaxing walk back down the mountain.

I’m not a huge fan of cable cars, so the thought of going up a mountain in one didn’t really fill me with much confidence. However, I was reassured by my accompanying Scouts and all was well. We arrived at the top to some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen; the snow topped mountains revealed themselves through the light cloud cover and the brilliant green trees and rocky landscape was simply stunning.

The first exercise of the day was tobogganing. Everyone had a thoroughly great time – even the scout who got his lace caught and had to let his shoe go down the track on its own went back for a second go! Then it was off to the lake. Once there, the Scouts wasted no time in changing into their swimming gear and taking a very brave dip in the ice cold water. After a number of jumps, dunkings and a pair of lost glasses, everyone dried off and we sat and ate lunch on the bank of the lake in what has to be amongst the most amazing surroundings for a packed lunch!

Then it was back down the mountain. The gravel track that we followed was at times so steep and winding I couldn’t believe that I would be able to make it! I did, and once the path turned into a paved track I was fully able to take in the sights.

Once we were down off the mountain, we took a leisurely stroll (all a bit tired by now) back to the camp site where we were greeted by lots more scouts arriving and pitching their tents. The atmosphere was amazing and I’m sure many stories and friendships will be made.