Group shot in the gorge
Group shot in the gorge

The first cooked breakfast of the trip was highly appreciated, with the extra energy required to help along the way for the trek to the day’s activities!

Walked to a gorge this morning, on a half hour trail. The gradual downhill led to the base, where there was a raised walkway constantly sprayed by the waterfall. It was really interesting to feel the power of the water. Needless to say, we returned up on some very slippery steps!

On our way back, we were made some wooden woggles by the woodcarver. The intricacies of the items in the shop were amazing. After, we had afternoon tea in the rain (very British)!

We were then treated to an evening singsong by Judith, and her French and German cousins (Vicky and Anna). They gave us the pizza song in three languages, with some odd pronunciation at times!

Steps walked: 20,836 (14.58 km)

Having fun at the woodcarver