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Interlaken is one of the most popular cities for travellers in the canton of Bern. You could easily spend an entire day getting lost in the luxury jewellers and exquisite Swiss watch shops, but there is so much more to Interlaken than just retail therapy. Here are our recommendations for the ideal Interlaken day trip!

Want to get up close and personal with some elusive Swiss wildlife? – visit the Alpinwildpark

Start your visit with the Alpine Wildlife Park (Alpinwildpark) – not only is it free but it is also conveniently located five minutes away from Interlaken Ost train station, so there is really no reason not to visit. There are only two species here, but both are native Swiss animals, the ibex and the marmot. The adorable marmot is always a firm favourite with guests, and looks a lot like a beaver you just want to pick up and cuddle.



Walk three minutes from the park and take the spectacular Harderbahn funicular

If you have a Berner Oberland pass, the Harderbahn funicular is free. This gets you right to the top of Harder Kulm, an observation point which offers stunning views of Interlaken and the two lakes. This gives it its name – Interlaken, which literally means ‘between lakes’ (Lake Thun and Lake Brienz). For the bravest, there is a special platform extended out over the tall trees below.



Stroll along the Höheweg and enjoy the sights

Interlaken’s main street offers more gorgeous picnic and photo opportunities. The Höhematte green is a landing spot for Interlaken’s many paragliders, who circle around in the sky framed against the backdrop of the snow-capped Jungfrau mountain. There’s also free WiFi and drinking water on this street so it’s the perfect place to take a quick break. And if you a thrill-seeker, why not give paragliding a go?



Any Venture Abroad Interlaken day-tripper will tell you there is one thing you HAVE to do…

…and it revolves around one of Switzerland’s most famous exports: chocolate!

The chocolate demonstration at the Schuh chocolatier, right on the corner of the Höhematte teaches you everything you could ever need to know about Swiss chocolate – the ingredients, the history and the techniques. Chocolatiers at Schuh must pass a three-year apprenticeship, so their craft is expertly honed. When you are offered the chance to try one of their freshly made chocolates you can really taste the skill and passion involved!



For a city between two lakes, there is only one way to travel!

Indulge in a boat ride on one of Interlaken’s dazzling turquoise lakes either before or after your day in Interlaken and feel at one with the water. If you have time, depart at Oberhofen and see the fairytale castle with its Rapunzel-esque tower stretching out into the lake. The gardens are free to explore, or enter the Schloss and learn more about the history of this magical building.