We’re all back in the UK now after a smooth journey home on Tuesday. A trip to the Blue Lagoon en route to the airport was the perfect end to an action-packed week for some achy muscles and bruised bums following horse riding on Monday! We tried the silica mud masks, and spent a good while relaxing in the warm geothermal lagoon.

Horse riding was a great way to soak up the Icelandic scenery, and we all managed to stay on our horses, just! Apparently the Icelandic horses’ short legs mean they trot differently to English horses, so it turned out to be quite a bumpy ride but everyone returned smiling and Amy even yeehaaa’d her way back into the stables – good work on a torn ankle!

I had an amazing week of memorable adventures, beautiful Icelandic landscapes and lots of laughs – thank you Essex West Young Guiders!

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