The past couple of days have been busy ones at De Kluis!

Thursday saw the Holywood Guides on a trip to Mini Europe (with a stop off in Brussels on the way back for a pizza) which everyone enjoyed seeing. Back nearer the site,  St Eugene’s Scouts were exhausting themselves on a 24km bike ride, which saw them well on their way towards Leuven!

On Friday, both groups awoke early and jumped on the train to Walibi Theme Park and had an exciting day sampling all of the rides that were on offer. I stayed at the campsite and welcomed 27th Plymouth Scouts, who are on a mini trip around Europe with a day at the Jamboree in Sweden somewhere along the way.

Friday evening was the last night for Holywood Guides and St Eugene’s Scouts so we all had a good sit around the fire with various comical sketches and some music and everyone was chatting away well into the night, having enjoyed a great week.

Today was changeover day, which seemed to come around a lot quicker than last week! I said my goodbyes to St Eugene’s and Holywood, who had all had a brilliant time, and welcomed 1st Hermitage Scouts and Matrix Explorers (our first Explorer group at De Kluis). Everyone was tired, but settled into the camp quickly and the chill out time for the rest of the day seems to have been appreciated by everyone. 27th Plymouth went out canoeing this morning and have been playing cricket this afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon they’re once again on their travels and heading over to Denmark for their next stop!