It seems neither the Biggin scouts nor Highworth guides believe in taking things slow- as demonstrated by their lack of ‘breaking’ during our toboggan session this morning! Colin and Stuart in particular proved to be speed fiends and the race was on!

Poor Megan’s hat was sacrificed to the fun* and many squeals could be heard from both guides AND scouts!!

*Points to Stuart who managed to scoop it up again on a second lap – particularly impressive given the speed he was going…!

Half the guides were having too much fun on the toboggans to be dragged away and chose to spend their lunchtime there. The rest of the Highworths and the scouts went down to the stunning blue Oeschinnensee. Charlotte made the mistake of saying that she would go in the glacial water** only if all the group went in also – safe in the knowledge that with two leaders and pretty girl scout Lou, this was unlikely to happen.

** It really is glacial-not just my usual exaggeration. Glacial melt from the surrounding mountains. The lake is frozen December through to May and the warmest it’s ever been is 20 degrees if you believe Mr.Wikipedia!

That knowledge… Not so safe it turned out… However I was royally punished by matt (code name evil) who made sure I was almost as wet as he was. Check back later in the week to see how I seek my revenge!

Local flavour: Strawberry ‘joghurt’ ice cream as enjoyed by Megan after a scary-hat-losing toboggan run!
New word: Rodelbahn= toboggan!
Quote of the day: Did you even use the breaks?!
Fashion police: Various colourful neckers around kandersteg- home to the international scout centre. Also Jim optimistically clad in blue snorkel and goggles!