As part of their trip to Belgium 4th Lewisham scouts decided to take the opportunity to discover some of the history WW1 left behind. They started the day by visiting the Flanders field museum in Ypres. From there they made their way to Hill 62, which was the actual front line that British soldiers fought on during the war. As well as lots of memorabilia there was a trench that visitors could go in to, to give them a more real sense of what it might have been like. The eerily peaceful setting for this museum was made more profound by the shell holes that still remain, reminding us that this was once a very different place.

From there we visited Tyne Cot cemetery and were lucky to witness a group of ex military men paying their respects and laying wreaths. All very moving. The Menin gate ceremony took place at 8 o’clock as it has done every day since 1928. Three lucky scouts were able to take part and lay a wreath, which they did admirably.