Wednesday was the perfect day for hikes – sunshine and no rain!

Aspley Guise Scouīts split into two walking groups, both taking guided hikes up to the Doldenhorn mountain hut. The first group had Belinda from France guiding them and the second group had Nathan from Canada. This day hike, ran from KISC, gives breathtaking views of the valley and over to the Oeschinensee lake. The first part of the hike zig-zags steeply through forest.

A sampling of local cheeses and meats awaited our hikers at the hut. The return hike was via another route, underneath cliffs and over streams. Everyone felt proud to have achieved a challenging walk to over 1900m.
Our Explorers, Aurora ESU, prepared in the morning for their sub-expedition: a steep guided hike up to the Ueschinen mountain hut led by Ed from the UK and Cedric from France. The group stayed overnight and a climbed course the next day, before returning to the rest of the group at the Centre on Thursday late afternoon.

An overnight stay in a mountain hut is one of the most magical experiences while at KISC. Having carried up the fresh ingredients of the evening meal and bread for breakfast, the Explorers had to chop wood for the stove and cook dinner when we arrived. We were fortunate to have a mild clear sky evening, we sat outside around a lit altar fire and star gazed while surrounded by the clanging of cows’ bells. Magical.