The group took to the high ropes course today, swinging through the trees high up in the sky. Needless to say that the group had really enjoyed their time whilst up there. Even the leaders decided to try their hand and took on the challenge. Many pictures later and the group exhausted from the climb, it was time to call it quits in time for lunch.

After lunch the group decided on a not so quiet photo hike around Baarn. The group had to follow pictures of people pointing in various directions to find their way around. Although the group only had to follow the directions they also took to copying poses, and making their own pictures throughout.

The group really enjoyed their second day of activities but was far to tired to do much more. For those who had far to much energy a wide game was set up, just to ensure that everyone was tired enough to go to bed and get an early night. Who else has mastered the high ropes!?