Well for 1st Viewpark boys brigade the heights of the fantastic Schilthorn Cableway yesterday were clearly not enough! Today we travelled to Interlaken starting off with a beautiful thermal pool. We sat and watched the boys diving in from the 3 and 5 metre jumps and travelling down the flume, then after a quick chat with the lifeguard we all held our breaths as the boys braved the jump from the 7 metre then the 10 metre jumps well done boys you’re braver than me! After lunch and a spot of volleyball we slowly wondered up to the chocolatier (after taking in the views and moseying In some shops)

Taking in the views....
Taking in the views….


Then it was time for the chocolate, we were all shown how the chocolate is made through a video and demonstrations then it was time to sample the goods! The boys were very good at this part!



Then came the tough decision…… When making their own chocolate what do they coat it with? Coconut, pistachio, hundreds and thousands, smarties? It was too hard for some of them so they had to have several toppings.


Decisions decisions.......
Decisions decisions…….


a brilliant day! And I’m really looking forward to joining the group again for an adventure to Kandersteg watch this space for more!