The adventures in the Kander Valley have been rapidly coming and going as the enthusiasm of both groups here at KISC seems like it could go on forever!

Oddy Explorers yesterday embarked on their 2-day hike up to the Frundenhutte, which overlooks Oeschinensee and has a rather steep ascent to say the least. The walk up to the hut is fabulous, as you run under the waterfalls, take a stroll next to the glacier and step precariously on the cliff edge paths trying super hard to concentrate! Once up at the hut you are treated to spectacular views of the crevasses on the glacier and the surrounding mountains, as well as of course some hot food and a comfy bed to get some well earned rest. With the Aare River Tubing and what’s sure to be a fun day at the pool still to come, the explorers are in for a really exciting last few days!

Yesterday saw the commencement of the 2-day Lotchenpass hike for the Heaton Explorers with a rather early rise, but one that’s well worth it. During their first day they’ll have taken in the beautiful Gasterntal Valley, which looks very similar to Jurassic Park!… as well edge their way carefully across the Glacier before making their beds at the Lotchenpasshutte which sits on the mountain ridge line at 2690m. Some of the Scouts have been making even more of a splash in Oeschinensee, while others have been jumping and swinging through the trees at the Kandersteg High-Adventure Park. The Cheesery Hike and a boat trip to Interlaken now lie in wait for the noisy Scouts from Stockport and Northern Ireland!

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