Yesterday, I returned to Belgium, via the Eurostar from London St Pancras. I left home at 8.30am  and arrived around 3.30pm which isn’t bad really! As I hiked from the train station, St Joris Weert to De Kluis Campsite, I was full of anticipation… thinking, are the tents okay?? Thankfully as I walked the De Kluis Campsite road, and came around the slight bend, I could see all the wonderful tents still standing! By the looks of things here, Belgium has had some rain, and the big tree which stands in the campsite has shed some leaves and ‘weird furry things’ which have covered the tents. Therefore, this afternoon, I cleared the leaves and ‘weird furry things’ off the tents, re-pegged some guy lines and tightened some of the guy lines. Maybe if a tree expert visits, they could identify the tree for me!

Looking ahead, we have 71 Scouts coming from 1st Warley, they have an action packed week ahead of them including… mountain biking, a day exploring the Battlefields and Ypres, a day trip to Brussels and so much more! There are so many people in this troop, that VA will be using another site at De Kluis as well! I wonder, what the Scouts are most looking forward to next week? I am really excited for the day trip to Brussels, I love exploring cities! 🙂

Safe travels to 1st Warley Scouts, I look forward to meeting you all on Saturday!

Here is my back with the campsite selfie!