Hello Again From De Kluis.

I’ve got some of Matrix Explorers here to write a little about what they’ve been up to, so here it is:

Hey guys! Starting off with Monday; we split into two groups alternating between mountain bike riding and hiking. There were a few sore bottoms from the bikes, but thanking Belgium for being a flat country 🙂

Tuesday we started the day with the high ropes adventure course. Walking along the tree tops was very wobbly. Everyone enjoyed it, especially with the lovely weather. After lunch we did a bit of true scouting by doing a pioneering challenge. We made a badminton net, although only really practical for those over the height of about 6 1/2ft, we also built a lookout tower with a turn style gate. It was all very impressive!

Today we spent the day on the River Leuven, paddling in canoes. Bit of a rainy day but we paddled on. A long walk back, further than expected as a few wrong turns made an interesting adventure!

That’s all for for now, having a wonderful time and looking forward to our day trip tomorrow to Brussels including a water park. Oceade water park is pirate themed, Jess Pope is very excited!

Lots of love, Jess P, Sarah, Amy and all of Matrix E.S.U.