Let me start with saying a big ‘Hallo!’… or wow!

I have just arrived in the beautiful village of Baarn, which is full of enchanting places to visit, such as the famous Royal Palace! I am feeling extremely lucky to be representing Venture Abroad this year, as the Summer Camp Rep at Butienzorg Scout Centre!

My first impressions of the Netherlands in one word, wow. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and gorgeous weather – the perfect lifestyle. Today is the third day in to my adventure and I have already fallen in love with the country. The way of life here is so straight forward and relaxed, that it seems as though all the Dutch are constantly on holiday!

There are so many incredible places to visit in the Netherland; Baarn, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and that’s just the start of the list! Each city is so quick and easy to get to, either by train, car or even… bike. Cycling is HUGE here! I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more bikes on the road than cars.

Having a bike in the Netherlands has been brilliant, it allows you to whiz around all the cobbled side streets and gets you to your destination so quick! Another great perk here is that you can take your bike on the train, so if you are like me and tend to get lost at times when visiting a new city, that’s no problem with a bike, as you can turn around and get back to where you started in no time!… however, tip to self, they drive on the other side of the road in Holland.