Tuesday 21st

We all went to the high ropes course in the morning. We did a small run to practice which had obstacles from all levels. Then we all moved on to the level 1 course which all of us passed successfully including the leaders!!! We then moved on to levels 2 & 3, at one point in level 2 there was a long zip-wire over 13m high! It was hot and strenuous!!!!!!

After that we took a cable car to the tobogganing track. It was epic and fast. You start off going up a hill with a wire attached to the toboggan. Once you reach the top you are released off the wire, you push the accelerator forwards and go zooming down the track.

After that took a small 20 min walk to the Glacial Lake which was refreshing in this blazing heat! We had a nice swim and returned to the toboggan course for a few more runs.

After dinner we did the race the world relay activity!


Chris L, Chris R, Thomas B, Thomas L, Joseph, Robbie, Michael and Ben

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