It’s Swiss National Day, chocolate for breakfast is fine…. right?

So yesterday was the last day for both 1st Crowle and 5th Sittingbourne Scout groups and what a way to round the week off with Kandersteg Swiss National Day celebrations!

The day started with breakfast in front of the Chalet, the roaring Kander river behind us.

The Pinkies then lead an aerobics lesson to get everyone warmed up for the days activities! Which Sittingbourne joined in with exceptional enthusiasm!

Sittingbourne in thier onesies for the day!
Sittingbourne in thier onesies for the day!

The scouts could partake in all sorts of activities laid out around the campsite and in town. Take a look below to get a feel for the day!

Armpit Fudge anyone?
Armpit Fudge anyone?

Armpit Fudge involves filling a sandwich bag with the ingredients for chocolate fudge and then squishing it under your armpit until it resembles fudge. Pretty tasty but remember to seal the bag!

Well at least they got the colours right!
Well at least they got the colours right!
Crowle on the Gladiator inflatable

The day has a very carnival like feel to it which is rounded off when the entire campsite marches to the centre of Kandersteg. Each country marches down bearing their scouting flags, with the Pinkies at the front carry torches to light the way. A huge bonfire is then lit whilst the gathered crowds listen to traditional Swiss music and watch fireworks!

Proudly marching in their Scout uniform
Crowle Explorers marching into town

All in all, Swiss National Day was great experience for both Crowle and Sittingbourne! It was also beautifully sunny as well a great way to end the week! (well until about 4pm!)

Today I welcomed 9th Airdale Scouts and Tenzing Explorers many of whom I recognise from Belgium and 1st Earls Barton Scouts. They both have jam packed programmes this week so keep checking for exciting updates!