Guide group in front of a chalet in Adelboden

Happy National Swiss day! What a celebration Adelboden put on. In the evening we had performances from the local band, Accordion players, Alpenhorn players and the Yodelling group. Such a great and traditional show that was put on by the local groups of Adelboden. The music echoed in the mountains which showed the most beautiful sunset and pink sky. They had sausages available that you could cook yourself on the fire and the atmosphere was really great!

The National Anthem was sung by the yodelling group as everyone stood to celebrate their country. After this the parade started to get ready. All of our group were involved which was great to see. After walking to the bus station, the proper parade took place. Starting with Alpine bells which made the most incredible noise when echoing though the valley, then families of the town joined.

The yodellers came next, just far enough behind the bells that you could hear them singing. The were more uniformed groups of Adelboden before our groups took the stage. First the Boys Brigade then Guide groups. Looking great with their Flags and lanterns they had made the previous evening. We all paraded through the town and the when were arrived back at the Market Platz the yodelling group gave one last performance before everyone headed home for the evening.