schilthorn 1

2,970 meters above sea level, 2 buses, 3 trains and 4 cable cars later the 1st Hampton Guides stood a-top the very snowy peak of the Schilthorn, snow falling all around us! We sat in the revolving Restaurant where Diana Rigg was kept hostage in the Bond Film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (we enjoyed a hot chocolate instead!).

Clips from the film could be seen in the Touristorama cinema Theatre downstairs in the Piz Gloria building, alongside an exhibition about the film.

En route down the Schilthorn we also stopped at the Charming Alpen Villiage of Murren, with its delightful chalets perched right on the Mountainside- what a view!

Like George Lazenby, who only played Bond once, our Schilthorn visit, was one in a Lifetime!