Essex West Young Guiders landed in Reykjavik on Tuesday afternoon, unfortunately welcomed by the Icelandic rain! After a rather bumpy coach ride through some stunning dramatic scenery, we arrived at Ulfljotsvatn Scout Centre, our home for the week. Everyone was excited to get here, there were constant cries of “I can’t believe we’re in Iiiiceland!”

Yesterday we did the Golden Circle Tour which took in some amazing sights which Iceland is famous for. First stop, the beautiful Thingvellir National Park is where the European and American plates meet, and also where the first parliament in the world met. Next we hopped down to the Gulfoss Waterfall – such an impressive sight, and so noisy! We even caught a rainbow in the mist as the sun came out for us. Once we were all wet enough from the spray off the waterfall, we headed to the Geysirs, which were great fun! From cloudy turquoise pools to steaming springs and the bubbling “Litli Geysir”, we couldn’t believe that all these springs were there naturally. The Great Geysir erupted every few minutes, shooting out huge bursts of boiling water 15 m up into the air, and soaking anyone standing down wind of it! I think the Geysirs get the vote for highlight so far.

This morning we did some climbing up the tower and abseiling from the top. The view up there is awesome, looking over the campsite, Iceland’s second coldest lake and rolling mountains in the distance. We’re off on a Blue Ice Adventure later, to walk on one of the glaciers. Bring on the ice fun!