Over 18 months of planning by Venture Abroad culminated in 4 unforgettable days in Cardiff for hundreds of members of the Trefoil Guild ! As the ladies boarded their coaches, trains and packed up their cars, new and old friends alike lined the pavements to wave goodbye. Whilst some may see each other again this year, for many they will not be reunited until the 2013 Annual Meeting in Glasgow – but our experience tells us that each time they meet it is as though they have never been apart!

Let’s face it, the weather may not have been on our side at all times this weekend but it’s fair to say that this didn’t stop any Trefoil members getting out and about and exploring Cardiff – the true Guiding spirit prevails!

Did you know that Cardiff signified Venture Abroad’s 16th year of offering special weekend packages to the Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting? As each year does, it presented us with many special memories that we will stay with us, and I am sure with many of you, for year’s to come. Here are just a few:

  • Four ladies who worked together at Girlguiding HQ nearly 60 years ago reconnected at our Sunday evening ‘Jubilee Melodies’ event – they spoke of how they remember the Queen’s coronation when they worked together. How apt!
  • 350 people joining in with a rendition of the National Anthem at Venture Abroads evening entertainment
  • Ice creams all round on the Brecon Mountain Railway – making the most of the sunniest part of the weekend!
  • Ladies dressed up for Jubilee Melodies entertainment on Sunday evening – we had almost every member of the Royal Family and plenty of tiaras and diamonds.
  • Ladies at dinner recounting the inspiring speaker at the Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting, Rosie Swale Pope who completed the longest unsupported run in world history. Over 20,000 miles in 1789 days.

So this is it, my final farewell from Cardiff, but it’s merely a “see you next year” for the 2013 Annual Meeting in the Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow!