After almost a month in the Netherlands , my time is nearly over.

I’ve had a busy yet exciting time. From extreme heat to storms, the weather has certainly reflected myself on the trip!

I have loved immersing myself in a new culture (mainly full of bikes and stroopwaffels) and meeting some amazing people along the way. Although I am still pretty awful at the Dutch language I can safely say I have improved! People no longer assume I am English now.

I have loved living in and exploring baarn. It is such a beautiful and quaint town and each day I found a new way home to cycle. My host was such an interesting woman and each day I would hear a new story about her busy life which I loved.

Along with the campstaff, the VA groups have really made my trip. No day is boring as I always have something to do. By letting me accompany them on excursions, I have had the opportunity to do some things I have always wanted to. These included exploring Amsterdam and discovering new cities such as Utrecht and Amersfoort.

It’s going to be strange walking through my local town in England and not seeing any canals and not having to dodge cyclists!


Until next time Holland….


Here’s a few of my favourite snaps: