Well thats it; the last of the groups have gone,  tents are on their way down and with that we say goodbye to De Kluis for another year!

Its been a short but good season, with 5 groups heading to De Kluis in 3 weeks. Together, we set out to explore Belgium; from the Scout and Guide museum in Leuven; the famous Atomium in Brussels to visiting Ypres to pay our respects to those who died 100 years ago during WW1.

The groups also took full advantage of the facilities on site including; high ropes, BMX biking and pioneering (building some quite impressive structures with pioneering poles).

Every group had a jam packed week of fun activities and really got stuck into all this small but amazing country has to offer!


For me its been a great summer! Not only being back in Belgium and getting to revisit some of my favourite places, but also getting to know all the groups that came to stay and being made to feel like part of your groups. We’ve had a lot of fun together and I hope you enjoyed coming to Belgium as much was we enjoyed having you!

That’s it from De Kluis and myself for now, stay in touch and enjoy the rest of your summers! Till next time 🙂