The first of the world centres to be built in 1932, Our Chalet is neatly tucked into the Alps in Adelboden. All of VA’s guide groups paid a visit to Our Chalet this summer and the ISGF were to be no exception. We embarked on the “grand tour” with our two autumn volunteers Ony from Madagascar and Julie from Denmark.

We enjoyed their presentation about the History of the Chalet and there were a few black and white photos that offered an interesting comparison with the Chalet today. One of the group even remembered wearing the uniforms in some of the pictures! We all helped fill in the “world pin map” and made a significant contribution to the UK map too. Here guests are invited to place a drawing pin in the map to indicate where they come from. The maps are cleared at New Year and the process begins again. As is clear from the photos Our Chalet has enjoyed plenty of visitors this year!

We saw the original porcelain used for the opening tea party of the Chalet and enjoyed the badge swap table and library too! The Helen Storrow room boasts the famous rocking chair – that I know that several of my guides braved over the summer. Legend says that before you are allowed to sit in it you have to ask Mrs Storrows permission or the ghost may pay you a visit! It turned out none of us chose to risk it. I felt I should break it if I tried as Helen Storrow was clearly very small! This is also demonstrated by the size of her bed complete with the cushion she made herself.

The dining room unsurprisingly was to feature daily in out stay at the Chalet and you could not ask for a better view whilst munching your cornflakes! I shan’t spoil it for future groups – but they can see if they can find the secret compartment in the cabinet!

The inscription on the Chalet reads “Gott behulte dieses Hus Und Alle die gehen yu und us.“ which means “God Bless this house and all who go in and out”.

May you all be blessed next year!

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