Today we entered into the Our Cabana life style very smoothly and even more stylishly as we began the day with the Colours Opening Ceremony in our Senior Section uniform. This was similar to British Colours, however, it seems in England we’re yet to experience the Our Cabana Fashion Show!

After some free time we started the first activity of the day, Mexican Traditions. Here we tottered around the Cabana, completing different challenges to do with traditional Mexico (original name, right?). The main purpose of this was the introduction to the craft house which has everything you’d ever need to make beautiful things. We’ve all taken full advantage of this making friendship bracelets and painting traditional Mexican pictures. Expect your halls to be full of Mexican art once we return.

We had a gorgeous lunch of chicken and corn soup with whatever else you wanted thrown in too. This was followed by a puzzle activity to do with the World Centres where we expanded our knowledge on them. We then had even more free time which was much appreciated by those of us (me) who take their time whilst making friendship bracelets.

We then had tea which was creamy, cheesy, yummy potatoes and bacon/ham. This was polished off the plates quickly as we then had another activity on the history of Our Cabana – only just realising how informative today has been!

Throughout the day, hints of a certain Secret Scorpion Meeting (now to be referred to as the SSM) were floating about the Cabana. All being very curious and a little bit nosey, we joined this meeting. I would love to tell you more, but if I did, I’m afraid I’d have to kill you.

Overall a fab day, enabling us to settle very nicely into the Cabana. Looking forward to more good stuff!