We went to Taxco today (I think that’s how you spell it) where they make loads of silver jewelry. We began the day with a really funny talk from a really funny man about silver. He taught us the ins and outs of fake and real silver. With this knowledge, we ventured out into downtown Taxco and bought loads of beautiful souvenirs included our first sombrero, wonderfully styled by Katie White!

After a lovely day, we went back to Our Cabana, had tea/dinner and then it was campfire time! We taught them Oh Lay Lay, Edelweiss and Thunder Thunder (I apologize so much for my terrible spelling!). This ended with some lovely marshmallows and another run through of the Our Cabana song.

The weather is finally want we wanted, it’s so hot! I think the shorter these posts get, the better. We all have loads to do so we can’t spend too long on here! Tomorrow is the service project, can’t wait!