Sorry again for not posting, the computer crashed last night!

So, yesterday morning we had a trip in the morning to Tezpolitan. This mountain town had a arts and crafts market every Sunday where we bought more souvenirs and all had an ice cream (even Christine!). We had to hold Janet back as, even when we were leaving, she was seeing yet more bargains to bought!

Later on in the afternoon, we had a scavenger hunt quiz about the Millennium Development Goals, where we chased around the Cabana, looking for question sheets and filling them in as quick as possible. This was followed by tea, and then SALSA!

A rather gorgeous young national salsa dancer had entered the Cabana and we were all ready to dance. After teaching us some basic moves, we put them to music and discovered hidden talents from all of us, but especially Casey who showed us all up with her Spanish hips.

Today we celebrate Casey’s birthday with cake and surprises, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY!