Sorry about not writing yesterday, as the title suggests, we were really busy! We spent the morning of yesterday with the kids from Cuernavaca and it was so much fun! We did the craft activity and all the children, ranging from 4 to 15, loved the activities we´d planned. We then ate with them, played with them, and said a very sad good bye to them. It was amazing to see how much they appreciated what we were doing and I think it was a stand out part of the trip for us too.

The leaders spent a giggly evening at a restaurant whilst us girls displayed our amazing vocal talents on the karaoke. It was such a fun night for everyone and a night of discovering new talents of dance and voice from everyone – I use the word talents loosely here.

Today we had the international festival where we kicked off the show with our brilliant performance of Britain and all it´s best bits (like rain, food and One  Direction). We then set up our stall and people came and went, swapping badges, pencils, bracelets and so much more. I think we all became a little bit Canadian today.

We spent the afternoon doing the Walk for Guias (Walk for Mexican Guides) to the baby temples. We took a few pictures, almost fell off and had a Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, like you always do when going up temples.

Overall, a fab couple of days, hope you´re all well at home. I heard rumours of an earthquake in Mexico? Well, we didn’t feel a thing, don´t you worry.