So I’ve had many complaints concerning the sparse production of these blog posts and after much procrastination and sleeping, I’ve finally decided to please my fans and followers (yes, that’s what you’re to be called now) and tell you what on earth we’ve been doing over the past few days. As we all know, it’s been a while so this is going to be a long one…

Let’s start chronologically, on Monday, the last full day in Our Cabana. The day began with a trip to some slightly bigger pyramids (understatement of the year!) that the baby temples we saw earlier in the week. It was tiring trekking up and down these, but so worth it for the views and beautiful stonework. After an overload of picture taking, we all found our way back down to the coach where we made our way home, ready for a relaxing afternoon of supermarkets and Krispy Kremes. And then, it was time for the fiesta!

We all dressed up, did our make up, some of us even showered (!) ready for the party night beckoning us. The evening started with a gorgeous buffet meal of all sorts of different Mexican foods which filled us up all to the brim. We then tottered down to Mixocalli and had a go at a Pinata. Casey, as it was her birthday, began the hitting though was unsucessful when it came to getting any sweets (she was, however, sucessful in making us all laugh!). We then traded our Secret Sister presents and were all really chuffed with what we got given and happy with the response from the people we gave presents to.

The weather was not our friend that night so we went inside for the Closing Ceremony where we were shown a sweet video with pictures of our week at the Cabana and presented with an Our Cabana badge. The girls who had taken part in the “Secret” Scorpion Challenge were also presented with their badges – congratulations to Christine, Katie S and Bethan! Then, the entertainment arrived. Though we were disappointed about there being no return of the sexy salsa dancer, we were more than pleased with an seven part Mariachi band who lead us in many funny dances. The room and all of us in it became extremely hot so Katie S decided to cool off by jumping in the pool at far too late an hour (don’t worry, she wasn’t alone in this). We also enjoyed pass the parcel to celebrate Casey’s birthday with a side order of doughnuts – however Janet was not impressed by only winning one Starburst.

The next day came with hugs and tears as it was time to say goodbye to the two Canadian groups, Aruba and half of the Mexican girls. Though some of us were surprised with how sad we were, it proved how good the friendships that we’ve made are and has ensured we will keep in contact with all the girls who spent time with us at the Cabana. We said goodbye to the Cabana and made our way back to a familiar Ticalli. We decided to have a very relaxing day after the stress of the morning and just spent it playing cards and watching Scooby Doo (again…). We spent the evening at a lovely rustic pizza restaurant with 2 metre long pizzas to share between us with chips on the side. After a long day of goodbyes, we dropped off to a well deserved sleep.

Today, after being woken by some earthquake rumblings (we’re all absolutely fine, don’t worry about it) we went to Mexico City Park which exceeded all of our expectations. We ate lunch (lovingly made by Christine and Katie W) by the lakeside and then proceeeded to enter the lake via the means of pedalo boats. After excersizing our legs in the water we returned to the bank horrified to see Emma had joined Janet in her shopping tomfoolerry buying TWO PAIRS OF SHOES!

I hope you’re all as shocked as us.

After this we went to the park zoo (free entrance) where we saw all sorts of animals, for example tigers, lions, gorillas, bears, monkeys, pandas, giraffes and a very smelly hippopotamus who gave himself a jacuzzi in his mini lake. We then went our seperate ways to return to Ticalli. Janice and her group went to a magnificent palace (I’ve only heard wonderful things about this place, must’ve been good), another group continued round the zoo for a bit longer, and my group went to Maccies. Please don’t judge us. Back at Ticalli, we’ve spent the afternoon relaxing and napping and playing more cards. Tomorrow we go to the floating gardens which are apparently beautiful, so I can’t wait for that!