So today began again with another early morning wake up – thanks jet lag! We ate breakfast and then began on planning our not-so-secret presentation for tomorrow. This went really well and even though we only practised twice, I think it´s Oscar worthy.

We then stumbled around the local area, trying desperately again to find food (this is becoming a recurring pattern). We ate more than we should have at a cafe really close to where we´re staying. Christine proved to have a tongue of steel as she braved the hot hot sauce – we have no idea what it was but it was spicy!

We then went back to Ticalli, packed our bags and set off for Our Cabana. Luckily, we were the first there so had first choice on beds. We have been split into twos and threes in an attempt to socialize with other countries and so far, it´s really working. We´ve made friends already with Canadians, Mexicans, fellow Brits and we´re hoping that the girls coming tomorrow from Aruba are equally as nice.

We enjoyed our first meal here after a tour around the massive grounds. The pool looks lush and there are more facilities than we could have asked for including sports, craft and, most importantly, WiFi!

In the evening we tried to prove our knowledge of the grounds with a scavenger hunt which went better for some rather than others. Overall, it was a great day of making new friends (as cliche as it sounds) and learning about a new environment.

Tomorrow, we meet the girls from Aruba and have our first full day at Our Cabana – let´s hope it´s as good as the hype!