While you are looking ahead to a new year with exciting adventures, trips or activities for your group along comes the inevitable. Funding. Getting fundraising right means some trips and destinations previously out of reach become a goal.

We know finding inspiration can often be a challenge, so we’ve got a few simple ideas together. We also have a few tips from guides who have some fundraising experience.


Santa Fun Run

As Christmas is soon to be on us. Why not consider a Santa Run? You might not have time to organise this year, but an increasingly popular event amongst organisations, clubs and charities. It’s well worth consideration for 2022!

So what is it? Basically, it is a simple fun run over the Christmas period where everyone dresses up as Santa Claus / Father Christmas.

How far do you run? Many choose the standard 5km, but to maximise entries, you could offer a range of distances to suit different abilities, like:

  • A Santa Sprint/Dash (faster run over 1km)
  • A Santa Stroll – More of a walk between 1-5km


How to raise money?

Consider approaching a local business or entrepreneur who may be willing to sponsor the event in return for their name being associated. This sort of sponsorship could pay for the staging, logistics, outfits.

Most importantly, individual sponsorships. Print some simple pledge forms for entrants to share with colleagues, family and friends to sponsor them personally.

Sell something on the day. Attracting a crowd, you could consider selling goods, food, refreshments, raffle tickets and any other mini stalls you could think of.


Bring & Buy Sales

If we were all honest with ourselves, we have far too many clothes hung up, stashed away, that haven’t seen the light of day in a while. Some of which may still even have the tag on?

Whether it’s unused, neglected clothes, books that just didn’t quite capture your imagination, unloved toys, or board games (with all the pieces). Whatever it may be, organise a bring & buy sale, tell friends and families and the local community.

Have them bring their unwanted items and who knows, maybe they will leave with something they like!


Bake Sale

Now, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned bake-off? Mary Berry, eat your heart out.

Organise an afternoon tea and have everyone bring their own creation or even store-bought baked goodies to sell.

Competitive side? Set up a panel of judges and vote for a ‘Star Baker’ to rile up some competition.



You don’t ask. You don’t get. Approach a local business or entrepreneur who would be willing to sponsor your group long term. Offer them recognition, a kind word in the local newspaper, feature them on your social media pages.

Some businesses can offer more than money. They can donate time, products, and services.


Here are some tips from a successful fundraising effort by 2nd Ascot Guides.

Starting their fundraising efforts two years in advance of the trip, 2nd Ascot Guides raised a whopping £21,000 – meaning the contribution needed from the girls was minimal. Here are their top fundraising tips:


  1. Bucket Collections Go a Long Way

From Ascot Races to School Fayres and Garden Centres, the girls from 2nd Ascot Guides did bucket collections over two years, with even the smallest of loose change helping towards their fundraising target.


  1. Think Outside the Box

No job was too big (or small) for 2nd Ascot Guides – with the group taking part in choral singing, school fayres and car washing. They even took part in an evening of picking up firework debris around the local area.


  1. Consistency is Key

Arguably the biggest key to a successful fundraiser is consistency, writing a plan and sticking to it. For example, 2nd Ascot Guides set out to fundraise at least 2 weekends a month, and by sticking to this plan, they were able to raise £21,000 in two years.


Go out there and make your plans a reality!